DORA Releases CATPA Legislative Review

Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA)

2017 Sunset Review:

The Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority and the Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority Board


What is it?

The Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority (CATPA) program was created by the General Assembly to enable law enforcement agencies or other qualified applicants to apply for grants to assist in improving and supporting auto theft prevention programs. Grant funds are also available to programs focusing on enforcement or prosecution of auto theft crimes through statewide planning and coordination.

What is the purpose of the CATPA Board?

The CATPA Board (Board), which comprises 11 members, is responsible for approving funding requests from various entities that seek to utilize CATPA program funds to address auto theft prevention strategies and practices. The Board also reviews monthly reports submitted by grantees, which detail the current projects and expenditures incurred.

Who received CATPA grant funds?

In fiscal year 15-16, six consortia were awarded CATPA program funds:

  • Auto Theft Intelligence Coordination Center
  • Beat Auto Theft Through Law Enforcement
  • CATPA Metropolitan Auto Theft Team
  • Colorado Auto Theft Investigators Association
  • Attorney General Office
  • Coloradans Against Auto Theft

How is funding derived?

Funding for the CATPA program is derived from a $1-surcharge imposed on auto insurance policies.

How much funding was awarded?

In fiscal year 15-16, the Board awarded approximately $4.7 million CATPA program funds to combat auto theft.


Continue the Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority and the Auto Theft Prevention Board for 11 years, until 2029.
The CATPA program provides valuable funding to address auto theft prevention programs in Colorado, and it has yielded many successes. In order to continue to proactively address auto theft, the General Assembly should continue the CATPA program and the Board. Doing so will ensure that longitudinal funding is available to CATPA program grantees for auto theft prevention initiatives throughout the state of Colorado for the foreseeable future.


As part of this review, Colorado Office of Policy, Research and Regulatory Reform staff attended Board meetings, interviewed CATPA Office staff and Board members, reviewed records, interviewed officials with state and national professional associations, interviewed other stakeholders, interviewed auto theft prevention authority staff from other states, reviewed Colorado statutes and rules, and reviewed the laws of other states.

What is a Sunset Review?

A sunset review is a periodic assessment of state boards, programs, and functions to determine whether they should be continued by the legislature. Sunset reviews focus on creating the least restrictive form of regulation consistent with protecting the public. In formulating recommendations, sunset reviews consider the public’s right to consistent, high quality professional or occupational services and the ability of businesses to exist and thrive in a competitive market, free from unnecessary regulation.


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