‘Kilo Car’ Covered With Fake Heroin And Fentanyl As Warning To Drivers

DENVER – Police departments and organizations in Denver trying to reduce car thefts unveiled a “Kilo Car” covered in fake drugs this week to highlight the problem of stolen vehicles across the state leading to other serious crimes.
“I think that it’s making a statement,” said Jill Blake, while walking by the display. “If you let your car get stolen, it could be possibly used for drug money.”
Just minutes after Coloradans Against Auto Theft revealed the car in a parking lot at 14th Street and Stout, people kept stopping to take a closer look. Many passing by said they always lock their cars and were surprised this was a common cause for stolen vehicles in Colorado. Organizers of the “Lockdown” campaign say up to 50 cars are taken each day across the state.
Source: CBS4 Denver

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