Catalytic Converter Grant Application

Catalytic converter theft has impacted the livelihood of many individuals across the State of Colorado that rely on their vehicles for activities that include getting to and from work and supporting their families. The impacts of catalytic converter theft often include temporary loss of a vehicle until repairs are made, replacement and installation costs of the catalytic converters, and potential effects on insurance rates.

Beginning February 7, 2023, the Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority, in cooperation with the Colorado State Legislature, authorized financial aid to assist persons who had catalytic converters stolen from their vehicles. Under this legislation, eligible individuals may receive financial assistance toward the replacement of their stolen catalytic converter.

In order to be eligible for assistance, an applicant must:

  • Be the current registered owner of a vehicle titled and registered through the Colorado Department of Revenue that had its catalytic converter stolen in Colorado.  The date of the catalytic converter replacement must have been no earlier than February 7, 2023 to be eligible for reimbursement. Or, the catalytic converter has not been replaced yet.
  • Have filed and obtained an official police report from a Colorado law enforcement agency, regarding the stolen catalytic converter taken from the vehicle.
  • Not in any way have been involved in illegal activity associated with the theft of the vehicle’s catalytic converter.
  • Have had insurance covering the vehicle, as required under Colorado law, at the time of the vehicle’s catalytic converter theft.
  • Have, or be willing to have, all repairs funded under this program completed by using OEM replacement catalytic converters or other converters approved for use by Colorado Statute and can provide documentation of the installation.
  • Have installed or agree to install a CatEtch label to the catalytic converter of the vehicle immediately after the completion of such repairs or replacement to the vehicle to prevent further theft.

Assistance may only be provided to vehicles that can have all repairs completed by June 1, 2023

Assistance under this program is limited. A committee will review all applications using set criteria to determine the recipients of all assistance provided, including the reimbursement and amount of each award. Applicants must complete an official application under this program in its entirety to be eligible for an award. However, completing an application does not guarantee that the applicant will be selected to receive an award in any amount.

Applications will open on March 1, 2023Application period will close at 11:59pm on March 31st, 2023.

For assistance in completion of this form, please contact a Victim Advocate for assistance

Via Email at:

Via Phone at:  303-239-4370

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