Lock Your Block Campaign – Summer 2014

Public awareness efforts and educational materials will carry statewide messages throughout the summer that encourage citizens to be auto theft aware: lock your car, look for suspicious behavior and report it to local authorities.

  • Radio Spots (Colorado Broadcasters Association)
  • Online & Digital Ads
  • Educational Materials: Lockdown tips cards, sunglasses, USB car chargers, neighborhood signs, window clings
  • Barbed Wire Car Exhibit

The campaign encourages citizens to checkout the interactive hotspot map on www.lockdownyourcar.org to become more informed about where auto theft occurs and that it happens in their neighborhoods—an incentive to be auto theft aware and “Lock Your Block.”


A-Frame Signs – 2014



Yard Signs – 2014

Yard Signs


Radio Spots – 2014

Summer Radio :30

Summer Radio :15



Digital Banners – 2014

Digital Banners


Tip Cards – 2014



Window Clings – 2014

Window Cling


Barbed Wire Car – 2014

Barbed Wire Car


Puffer Campaign – Winter 2013/14


“Winter to Forget” TV Spot – 2013/14



Puffer Flyer – 2013/14



Puffer Window Cling – 2013/14



Puffer Web Banners – 2013/14



Ice Scrapers – 2013/14



Giant Thank You Card – 2013/14

TY Card


Summer Campaign – 2013

For the 2013 Summer Campaign, CAAT’s message to Colorado drivers was “Unlocked Cars Get Stolen.” The Lockdown summer advertising gave people insight into how a thief thinks. The message had a specific focus in Colorado Springs, where we have seen a large increase in auto theft of 58% from 2011. The campaign featured billboards, bus shelters, online and mobile advertising throughout the southern part of the front range. Partnerships with ESPN Denver and Red Rocks Amphitheatre were also developed to further support the campaign in the Denver Metro Area.


Out of Home

Billboards ran across the Colorado Springs area along I-25 and throughout town. Bus backs and bus shelters were also placed throughout Colorado Springs with this same message.

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 11.32.54 AM


Online Advertising

A geo-targeted online advertising campaign was developed to reach our target audience throughout Southern Colorado. Web banners ran on Gazette.com, ColoradoSprings.com, Yahoo.com and on the ESPN Denver website.



Lockdown Sunglasses

Lockdown branded sunglasses were produced again this year, but included numerous colors. These were distributed at several ESPN Denver events, Red Rocks concerts and task force community activities.

CAAT Sunglasses


Red Rocks Signage

As a part of our partnership with Red Rocks Amphitheatre, CAAT produced entrance banners signs and flags that were displayed throughout Red Rocks parking lots and entrances, reminding concert goers to lock their cars before they enter the show.

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 11.29.53 AM


Media Launch Event

On Thursday, June 27 CAAT held our summer campaign media launch event at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. The Highpoint Parking Lot served as a beautiful backdrop to talk about the importance of locking your doors. Campaign coverage included stories by 9News, KRDO-TV, KOAA-TV, KKCO-TV and KRDO-AM radio.



Puffer Campaign – Winter 2012/13

The 2012/13 Puffer Campaign discouraged Coloradans from leaving their cars running unattended in the cold winter months. CAAT captured Colorado drivers’ attention on this issue through a multi-faceted campaign that combined TV, interactive, guerilla marketing and task force support materials.


“Winter to Forget” TV Spot

CAAT produced a TV commercial for this campaign to make Coloradans aware of how easy it is for a thief to steal a car that is left running unattended. This 30-second and 15-second spot ran on Denver area TV stations, including KUSA, KTVD and KCNC.

TV Spot


Puffer Flyer

A flyer was produced for task forces to handout in their communities. The flyer matched the design of the winter campaign TV spot and also included statistics and tips for Colorado drivers on ways they can prevent themselves from being victims of auto theft. Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 1.41.27 PM


Giant Thank You Card

This 6’ x 4’ life-size stand-up “Thank You” card was placed in high foot traffic areas like the Aurora Mall and the Denver Auto Show at the Convention Center. The inside of the card has a thank you message from the thief to the victim and served as a great way to draw attention to our anti-puffer message in a non-traditional and unexpected way. TY Card


Ice Scrapers

In the cold winter months, CAAT produced branded ice scrapers for task forces to handout across the state as a way to remind Coloradans to lock their doors. Ice Scrapers


Media Launch Event

For the Puffer Campaign, CAAT worked with the Denver metro area task forces to secure a unique location for the media launch event: a vehicle impound lot. This unique background was a perfect place to display the giant Thank You cars and a top stolen vehicle (Honda Civic). Univision and KOA AM attended the event.