Colorado's Top Ten Stolen Vehicles

Here are the top most stolen cars in the state, but remember any vehicle can be at risk under the wrong circumstances.
Older vehicles are typically more vulnerable to theft.

The Top Five Colorado Cities for Auto Theft

Is your city in the top 5?
Take a look.

Here's the Reality of the Situation


of Coloradans know someone who has had their car stolen.

Yet, 63% of Coloradans are not at all concerned that their car might be stolen.


of Coloradans think that cars are typically stolen by being left running unattended.

Yet, 31% of Coloradans admit to leaving their car running unattended.


of adult auto thieves are charged with additional crimes.

Yet, only 23% of Coloradans think that cars being used to commit other serious crimes is a top reason for auto theft.


of stolen vehicles in Colorado were recovered in 2019.

Yet, victims whose cars were recovered still experienced loss of time and property, financial burdens, the potential for identity theft, and other safety concerns.


Friday showed the highest level of auto theft, while Sunday showed the lowest (ATICC)

Car keys

40-50% of vehicle theft is due to driver error, which includes leaving vehicle doors unlocked and leaving keys in the ignition or on the seats (NHTSA)


Colorado had the 6th most vehicle thefts in the US in 2018, with 21,324 vehicles stolen (FBI)

So, what can you do
to combat theft?