Auto theft affects the entire community. It is often just the first in a series of crimes, as 73% of adult car thieves are charged with additional offenses such as drug crimes, armed robbery, home invasion and identity theft.

Never leave your car running unattended.
Always keep your car doors locked, when driving or parked.
Always park in well-lit areas.
Don’t store firearms in your car.
Avoid leaving documents with your address in glove box. (Only keep the half of the registration slip without your address in your car.)
Don’t keep a spare set of keys in the car.
Keep all valuables in the trunk or hidden from view.
If you are approached, do not roll down the windows or open a door.
When buying a used vehicle, always check the VIN to ensure it hasn’t been stolen. Visit NICB for more information.
Manage your risk- buy comprehensive insurance that covers stolen vehicles. Also consider getting gap insurance.

How to Avoid Truck and Trailer Theft?

Lock your truck and take your keys. Always.
Use trailer tongue locks that have additional security features above normal padlocks.
When not in use, if possible store your trailer in a secure area such as a fenced yard. Use tongue locks even when behind fences. If you live in a theft hot spot consider other trailer immobilizing devices.

All About Owner Apathy and Puffer Cars

“Owner Apathy” or “Driver Apathy” is an action that makes a vehicle more susceptible or vulnerable to theft.  Actions that contribute to Owner Apathy include leaving a vehicle unlocked, leaving an additional key in the vehicle, and additional physical security  compromises that may create ease of entry or ease of ignition override. An additional aspect of Owner Apathy is “Puffing” or leaving a vehicle running unattended, known as, “puffing”.  The exhaust vapors that come out of a running vehicle’s tailpipe in cold weather signals an easy steal to a thief, a puff of exhaust.

In Colorado, it’s illegal to leave your car running unattended unless you have a remote starter system in your vehicle and your keyless fob is far enough away that the car cannot be moved. Remember to keep the keyless fob in a safe place so the wrong hands can’t get to it.

Purchase a remote start from the original manufacturer or a proven after-market source, but make sure the doors are locked and the start fob is in a safe place.

Warm-up with your car: grab a hot drink, gloves and a blanket. Most cars don’t need to idle for more than 1-2 minutes.

Park in an enclosed garage whenever possible.